Breath of Life Workshop, Glastonbury, England


Breath of Life Workshop, Glastonbury, England


October 2 - 4, 2018

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October 2 - 4, 2018

I am offering a workshop in Glastonbury, England, on October 2nd thru October 4th. For those of you interested in joining Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene and me, we have already planted this new energy in this sacred and magical place.

In this grand environment of the chalice well we will celebrate changes with the constant oneness of the love and compassion of Soul. We will be working intensely in empowering our higher consciousness connection with our Soul breath work, not with the mind, but going deeper into the chore of each one of us.

By focusing on this, our “New Breath” will become a grand breath, a magnificent breath, a truly new conscious breath.

So, this workshop in England is not just about BREATHING, but about becoming empowered so that we can radiate with a new commitment, a new love affair with breath, with new and renewed enthusiasm, confidence, hope, new vitality and joy

I would be super happy to see you there and connect with each one of you. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me. While on the Breath of Life workshop, I am opening space too for Private Sessions.

Glastonbury, (located 3 hrs by train - 4 hours by car - from London), is a magical place full of myths and legends, with a wonderful setting: open fields and willow trees , and less than 1 mile across the River Brue from the Village of Street.

The history, landscape and magic of this place will help us open our awareness to receive more of our connection with Soul. Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene and myself are full of joy to be there and to share our wisdom, celebrating changes, and breathing with the constant oneness of the love and compassion of Soul.

I would be happy to see you there and connect with each one of you.

The cost of this workshop is of $400 US (includes lunch)

Walking and breathing with Avalon tour, 2 October

Being a very unique experience, and connected with my Breath of Life workshop in Glastonbury, my dear friend Rupert is leading a tour of the sacred landscape to take people into the special gifts and blessings and energies of the area, including the space of Avalon, the lady of the lake, and Merlin energies.  This profound stillness and magic wants so much to assist us on our journey of walking into the truth and greatness of who we are.  For many people, this also awakens previous lives in this region and space.

This experience starts with a special foot washing and anointing ceremony at the Chalice Well, where we will have private access to the garden and waterfalls before the gates open to the public. Mary Magdalene, who walked in these gardens herself, will join us for this, which is connected to the Essene practice of foot washing.  Be washed in grace, and receive all that is offered. 

Further details and booking are available on Rupert's website