Ohamah School, Amersfoort, Holland


Ohamah School, Amersfoort, Holland


October 6 - 11, 2018

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With the energies of Kuan Yin, Ohamah, and Mary Magdalene, and the love and support of my dear friend Anita Boom, I am offering a 5-day Ohamah School in Amersfoort, Holland next October 6th thru the 11th. For those of you who would like to receive the miracle gift of Ohamah, these days will offer a life transformation where Soul will be leading you with love, ease and grace. We will be creating a unique safe space. no concepts or beliefs, in this Ohamah School in Holland.


  • Saturday, October 6th at 6:00 pm we will all get together for a brief moment to greet each other. (NO DINNER INCLUDED)
  • Sunday, October 7th thru the 11th, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm we will be having our School at the Fletcher Hotel. 
  • Thursday, October 11th, we will be celebrating the end of the School with our completion dinner. 

For hotel accommodation related issues, please contact Anita Boom who will graciously help you.

Information on the Hotel can be found here.