Ohamah School, Schoorl, Netherlands


Ohamah School, Schoorl, Netherlands


May 5-10, 2019

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With the energies of Kuan Yin, Ohamah, and Mary Magdalene, plus the love and support of my dear friend Anita Boom, I am offering a 5 day Ohamah School in Schoorl, Holland May 5 - 10. For those of you who would like to receive the miracle gift of Ohamah, these days will offer a life transformation where he will be leading you with love, ease and grace. We will be creating a unique safe space in this School of Higher Consciousness.

An Ohamah School experience - by Anita

Ohamah used to be a grand warrior who finally got wounded so badly that he laid down for 7 years to recover from his injuries. It could have been a time to be angry, to be hurt and to be a victim. But he choose his Soul, his Divinity, over all of the tragedy. He than walked the earth as the first human on earth that had integrated his Soul into his human body.

A bold choice.

And he is still teaching that in his Ohamah schools through Norma Delaney. A profound personal gift to one self to attend one of his schools.

You can attend the Ohamah school May 5-10 in Holland, Schoorl (a little place near the coast, north of Amsterdam).

I have interviewed Norma about this Ohamah School and you can listen to that interview on blogtalkradio. The link to that interview can be found in this message.

No one can tell what your Ohamah experience will be like, if you would allow yourself to attend the school. But I would love to share my experiences with you anyway. This will be my 5th Ohamah school. I love the energy of Ohamah, the special energy that fills the room during a school, the connecting with the other participants on a level uncanny to humans and the absolute miracles that occur for everyone in person. Lives have been changed, perspectives have shifted and human life has taken an unimaginable turn for the better. No matter what idea or feeling or longing you sense when feeling into this message, the school will surpass any of your expectations.

They did for me anyway.

Four years prior to my first Ohamah School, I heard about the school, felt the energies of Ohamah and said YES to the school. All kinds of stories kept me from visiting the school. Most of all the money was a problem to me. $5000 dollars. Not in 5000 years I proclaimed. But somehow I kept the door ajar. And every now and then the invitation came to me again. And again. I said NO all of those times. One day I was breathing and all of a sudden I felt the strongest voice rumbling through me. “We will go to the Ohamah School”. It shocked me and resisting my first urge to run, I started to reply to my own Souls voice. I said: “Since money is my issue and I honestly don’t know how to bring that kind of money together, I have to tell you Soul, if you want us to go to the Ohamah school you will have to bring the money”. Six months later I was on my flight to Mallorca and I visited my first Ohamah School. A couple of extra succesful gatherings I had organised in my business had brought the amount I needed abundantly. Not one time the amount, but three times the amount was available.

In that school we had a business section. What kind of money would you like to make in a years time, was the question I brought with me from class to my hotelroom. I breathed, mused and going pass all the resistance within myself I said I would like to make 265000 euros. My soul laughed and said: ”When you would like to make that in your company as profit, I would have to have you working day and night!” So I dismissed it. But I had not taken the time to listen to what my soul had to say more about the subject. Maybe not as profit in my company, but she had other plans. Some time later me and my family bought our farmhouse in a beautiful area in Holland. It changed all of our lives. It brought and still brings joy and a quality of living that is beyond what I have ever experienced in my life. It is worth more to us then the price we paid for it. And guess what the price of that house was? The amount my I had allowed my soul to bring me, but not in the form I had planned.

To realise that my Soul loves me that much, that she will bring me everything I can allow myself to receive, brings creation to a whole new level. Endless opportunities. Not only in money but in all areas of my life. And all of the creations come with such a surplus of joy, that the creation is a constant overflowing fountain.

So enough about my experience. It may be time for your own Ohamah school experience. If you so choose.


Anita Boom Van Doorn


  • Sunday, May 5th at 6:00 pm we will all get together for a brief moment to greet each other (NO DINNER INCLUDED)

  • Monday, May 6 thru the 10th, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm we will be having our School at Restaurant Hotel Merlet

For further information, you can always contact me via phone or FaceTime at (303) 570-8747, email or Skype.

For hotel accommodation related issues, please contact Anita Boom who will graciously help you.

Information on the Hotel can be found here. Please note that this hotel may fill up so as a precautionary measure Anita has been gracious enough to have booked rooms at a hotel nearby, situated 800 meters away. Should you need accommodations there you can find more information on this alternation option here and remember to communicate all accommodation related questions and concerns to Anita Boom. Thank you.