R. E. Harpin. Ph.D., Lead Psychologist Sharp Pain Rehab Center, San Diego, CA

"I had the opportunity to work with Norma Delaney for the past two years. I am so grateful for the work that we did together. I found Norma to have truly remarkable intuition, wisdom and caring. It was possible for me to explore difficult areas of my self and my life because Norma was so perceptive, non-judgemental, and supportive. One of the most dramatic and unexpected results of our work together is that I used to get many colds, but in the past two years have had only two relatively minor ones! Many other positive changes have also occurred and continue to occur in my life which I know are the result of our work. Thank you, Norma, for your impeccable warrior spirit!"

Geoffrey Hoppe, Crimson Circle

"The spiritual awakening journey is one of the most difficult processes a person will ever go through. It affects the body, mind and spirit at deeper inner levels. Dr. Norma Delaney's work is one of the most powerful tools I have encountered for bringing the biology and soul back into balance. She'll help you to move through the awakening process with grace."

Tobias, as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

"We don't mean to embarrass anyone here . . . but if you want to feel, and see, and touch, perhaps even smell the essence of Kuan Yin here today, there is one who has agreed to-how to say-allow this, to show this, for she works with it so very closely. Talk to the master, the "Doctor of Breath" (referring to Dr. Norma Delaney), if you want to see and feel the love and the compassion of Kuan Yin, for they have been working together for so very long. She, the Doctor of Breath, has embodied Kuan Yin within her."

Donalda - United States

"Thank you for spending that time with me. The gift of remembering to allow the breath and the energy to be with love and compassion - no resistance, no pushing - really shifted me into a different awareness. I have heard you say so many times about breathing the Soul in, about inviting it in - a breath at a time. This time I really heard it!"